How to be a service champion ?

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I am delighted to share with you the eleven ingredients of my recipe to provide an authentic client experience.


I have developed my recipe during my tenure as a five star Hotel Manager, during which our team has won multiple quality awards and excellent results at our guests satisfaction surveys.

My ingredients apply to the service industry including financial & banking sector, airline, hospitality, spa, retail, automotive, medical…


  1. The smile: it is universal & it has an emotional impact. Additionally you can hear the smile over the telephone.
  2. Need matching: fulfil the needs & expectations of your clients. This requires to understand your clients.
  3. A personalised service: demonstrate to your client that he is a person, a human being and not a reference number.
  4. SOP: Standard Operating Procedure have two major benefits. First your team members know “what” to do and secondly the impact on your client is consistency, the opposite of irregularity of service.
  5. Focus on the impact of the above SOP on your client in order to create a moment he will remember, thus you create a memorable experience.
  6. Walk in the shoes of your client. Make a journey like a client and focus on each point of contact.
  7. The feedback of your client is gold. Listen carefully to the voice of your clients and react instantly.
  8. Attention to details, because details contribute to excellence and service excellence is not a detail.
  9. Give the same attention to your colleagues as the one you give to your clients. It starts with a smile & a greeting.
  10. Put your clients in the centre of your thoughts, your innovations & your decisions.
  11. In the dictionary, the words “champion & success” come before the words “work & training”. The last ingredient is “effort”, because excellence does not come automatically.

In search of excellence is a long & a beautiful journey and I would be delighted to embark with you.

Should you wish to share your own ingredients with me or if you are curious to discover my methodology & my solutions, I will be delighted to meet with you.


Benoît Kuborn / Kuborn & Partners

Should you wish to discuss with me how to become a service champion, please contact me on +352 691 84 84 94 or via email 

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