Training │ Conferences │ Consulting

We deliver training & conferences on "how to provide a 5 star service"

& on "how to improve your customer experience".

We also give you pragmatic KPI's to measure our impact.


 We are based in Luxembourg.  

Our clients are worldwide.

Who are we?

  • Extensive background in the luxury hospitality industry in 8 countries & on 3 continents
  • Hotel Manager with multiple quality awards
  • Remarkable score with LQA - Leading Quality Audit
  • Expert in customer satisfaction 

Sales excellence and presentation skills

What we do

Kuborn & Partners assists you to provide 5-star service so that your clients will be happy and will return. We help you through training, conference, masterclass and workshop in 3 areas of expertise.  

Service excellence & customer experience

How to improve the satisfaction & the loyalty of your clients (...).

Business etiquette & good manners

How to engage & make new contacts during networking (...).

Sales excellence & negotiation

How to improve your sales calls and your revenue (...). 


Who are our clients

Airport, airline, automotive, banking, finance, hospital, hotel, law firm, medical, restaurant, retail, Spa, wellness… 


Our clients operate in various industries and businesses all over the world : Azerbaijan, Belgium, Latvia, Luxembourg, Russia, Slovenia, Togo, Tunisia, the UK, Ukraine.

Contact us to discover how we can help you ! Thank you for contacting us.