Testimonials & references

Recent engagements & missions

  • Training on Service Excellence in the automotive industry in Luxembourg
  • Consulting, diagnosis & recommendations at the ACL, the Automobile Club Luxembourg   (200.000 members) on improving their customer experience
  • Training on welcoming the clients in times of Covid 19 in a financial institution in Luxembourg
  • Training on Service Excellence at the Business Aviation Centre – VIP Terminal at the Luxembourg Airport & at the Kiev Zhuliany international Airport
  • Training on Sales Excellence & Client Engagement at the Fairmont Hotel Baku, Azerbaijan (5*, 300 rooms)
  • Assistance in scanning CV's & interviewing candidates for a Reception prior to delivering the training on Service Excellence in a financial institution in Luxembourg
  • Training on Service Excellence at the Hotel 2 Février, Lomé, Togo (5*, 320 rooms)
  • Training on Service Excellence & Upselling at Oberweis, a premium bakery & pastry house in Luxembourg (5 shops)
  • Conference on my ingredients to provide a five star service at Société Générale in Luxembourg
  • Training on Business Etiquette to faciliate your networking, at PWC in Luxembourg
  • Consulting mission with EBRD, assisting a client in Tunis with the quality of service in their restaurant (300 guests)  & with the marketing plan for their meeting venues (1300 guests)

What our clients say

“I wish I had this training a long time ago”

Nathalie, Relationship Manager

“Mr Kuborn gives us the motivation to improve ourselves and our work”

Albert, Shop Manager

“Mr Kuborn inspires us to be outstanding and he has shared his passion for excellence

Karin, Cabin Crew Member

“Very practical, we can immediately use what we have learned”

Olga, Receptionnist

“The interaction between the mentor and the participants is dynamic

Gilles, L&D Manager

“Mr Kuborn opens our eyes on how to make a positive impact on our clients”

Martin, private banker

“The strength of the training is the input of the team during the session and most importantly the results at the end of the training”

Irina, Director of Sales

They trust us

Our services range from training, conference, masterclass to workshop. 

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