Our offering

Training │ Hotel management | Consulting

Our area of expertise is covering:

  • Service excellence & customer experience
  • Product & service improvement
  • Professional business etiquette & good manners
  • Sales excellence & negotiation

What we do:

  • Hotel management missions (on contract / interim)
  • Diagnosis of your customer journey & procedures.
  • Pragmatic recommendations  & action plan 
  • Training for all profiles of team members, front & back office and on all levels
  • Conferences

All our services are tailor-made, interactive, inspirational & motivational.

Our clients are in various industries & businesses such as airport, airline, automotive, banking, finance, hospital, hotel, law firm, medical, restaurant, retail, Spa, wellness and also superyacht. 



They are in Azerbaijan, Belgium, Latvia, Luxembourg, Russia, Slovenia, Togo, Tunisia, the UK, Ukraine.


What makes us unique is that we are sharing examples of best practices related to customer service in five star hotels in which we have acted as the conductor, leading the team towards excellence. 


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Fields of expertise

Service excellence customer experience

Discover & learn how to improve the satisfaction & the loyalty of your clients. 


We share the ingredients of our recipe for success to make your clients happy, satisfied & loyal, based on our successful experience in the five star hotels which we have managed.


We run role plays covering the fundamental elements of a five star service, always in line with your daily working environment & tasks.


Here is a excerpt of the agenda : 

  • Greeting your clients at the reception & over the telephone 
  • Adequate posture & phraseology
  • Walking in the shoes of your guest – client – visitor 
  • Our client’s feedback is gold
  • How to provide a personalised service
  • The standards of service (SOP’s)
  • My colleagues are also my customers
  • How to move alltogether, as one team, from good to excellent

Product & service improvement

Discover & learn how to improve the quality of your  product by implementing service standards.



Current mission on improving the guest experience during breakfast in a hotel group. 

  • Content of breakfast
  • Product labelling
  • Sequence of service
  • Logical set up of the buffet
  • Alignement to the guest food preferences, intolerances and allergies

Business etiquette & good manners

The objective of the training is to discover & learn how to engage & develop your professional networking.


The training is articulated around role plays with my ABC’s of good manners.


Here is an excerpt of the agenda : 

A arrival

B business cards

C conversation

E engage 

G greeting


N networking

O objective 

P protocol

Sales excellence & presentation skills

The objective of the training is to learn the tools & the techniques to make an excellent sales call, turn more prospects into clients, nurture the commercial relationships with your clients and thus improve your revenue. We cover multiple aspects of the sales process. 


Here is an excerpt :

  • How to fix an appointment 
  • How to give a first good impression 
  • Identifying & understanding the needs of your prospect & your clients
  • The account qualification & how to ask the right questions
  • The funnel
  • F & B: the features & the benefits
  • Handle the objections
  • The power of testimonials
  • How to present the good reasons to use your product, your services or your hotel (as an example)
  • The benefits of the open & the close questions
  • Closing the deal & gain commitment

Our methodology

First we listen to your training needs & we understand your challenges to ensure we meet your expectations & your quality objectives. 


The key aspects of our methodology are : 

  • Tailor-made & in line with your reality. 
  • In situ, on your daily work place. 
  • Pragmatic & customer centric. 
  • Active & interactive. 
  • Combination of theory with pragmatic role plays. 
  • Comprehensive case studies. 
  • Story telling with examples & anecdotes from our experiences in the hotel industry that inspire the audience. 

Our impact

  • We provide efficient solutions & bring quick results
  • We improve the satisfaction & the loyalty of your clients
  • We help you to create memorable moments
  • We also enhance the motivation of your team members

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