The Hotel Indigo Brussels ensures a consistent level of guest experience with a training on service excellence.


✅ How to have more empathy & emotional connections with your guests?

✅ How to make a positive impact at every touch point on the guest’s journey?

✅ How to engage with the right wording in the process of upselling? 


The team has walked in their guests shoes. They have identified the key touch points, the high points and points of improvement along the guest journey in the hotel. 


✅ Our guests remember well how we make them feel, from their moment of arrival until the moment they are leaving the Hotel.

✅ Feelings: how is your first impression upon arrival and all along your way to the reception and to your room? How is your moment of departure?  

✅ Greeting, engaging & connecting: which attitude, gestures and words really matter? 

✅ Using the right words and the correct sentences contributes to creating better human connections.


The team concludes that the main benefits of the training are:


✅ It has practical value and it is immediately actionable.

✅ We have learned how to better engage & connect with our guests to create authentic moments.

✅ Together we are more united to focus on one objective: continuously improve the guest experience.



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